“Our gratitude for your ongoing kindness, sharp editorial skills, and valuable guidance. We could not have gotten here without you.”
— “Dr. Dale” Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer, authors of The Kindness Advantage

“Julie is one of the most creative editors I have ever worked with; she literally teems with ideas! She is brilliant at sourcing writers and envisioning what each book should be. She has a terrific understanding of the marketplace and makes sure to keep on top of the trends so her book concepts are timely and well conceived.”
— Amy Rhodes, Principal, Market Partners International

“I sold and saw two books find their final form in Julie’s incredibly capable hands. From asking for necessary tweaks to the proposal, to editing each manuscript and overseeing the interior and cover design, Julie's expertise shined like high beams. She is a stickler for details, carefully directed the writing, managed expectations while being a true champion of the author, and ultimately published two beautiful books that made everyone proud. I recommend her highly.”
 — Judy Linden, Executive Vice President and Literary Agent, Stonesong

“Julie is not only a spirited and gifted editor, but she possesses a whole suite of talents that rarely live inside one person: sharp editorial instincts, impeccable taste, commercial savvy, fiscal responsibility, communication skills, and big-picture publishing smarts. Additionally, she is a force of nature when it comes to executing her vision and getting it done. Julie brings passion and creativity to every project and is a joy to work with. Publishers, colleagues, and, especially, authors love to work with her and appreciate her expertise, professionalism, warmth, and energy.”
 — Victoria Craven, Executive Editor, The Monacelli Press

“As an editor, Julie is the total package. She's terrific at tracking trends, finding and building positive relationships with authors who offer exciting opportunities, and developing their work and platform into titles with a competitive edge. Her instincts and taste are excellent, and her entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm are infectious.”  
 – Joy Aquilino, Acquisitions Editor, Quayside Publishing Group

"Julie is terrific. It's been great to have her smarts and support."
— Ronna Welsh, author of The New Cook Handbook (to be published by Rux Martin Press, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; represented by Janis Donnaud & Associates)

"As a first-time author, I lucked out: Julie Mazur Tribe chose to acquire me. With great patience and good humor, she guided me through the rather daunting process of writing my first book—from determining the structure to editing the text, even deciding the title. Throughout, Julie remained receptive to new ideas and often acted as their champion. Her expertise and experience afforded me invaluable insights into the world of publishing and, without question, made my book a far better book. It would be difficult to imagine a more ideal working relationship!"
 — Gregory Heisler, photographer and author of Gregory Heisler: 50 Portraits (Amphoto Books)

“Julie Mazur has the anatomy of the perfect editor: a keen eye, a sensitive nose for sniffing out trends, and a guiding hand. She looks at each project from every possible angle until she finds the perfect way to present and package it. Simply put, her enthusiasm, creativity, and her unwavering commitment make her an invaluable asset to any team.”
 — Kimberly Small, Publicity Director, Wanderlust

“It’s been a long, long time since I've encountered someone who could take my writing to a whole new level, but Julie’s wisdom and expertise brought out the very best in us and our work. Her editorial talents and market instincts made a strong impression on us from our very first conversation. Having been through the self-publishing side of things as well as having had a title acquired by a publisher, I can say with complete confidence that her guidance would be an incredible asset to anyone hoping to publish a book on either side of the coin. Simply put, if someone told me that I could only pick one person to assist me in writing, producing, and publishing my next book, I would pick Julie in a heartbeat. She is Really. That. Good.”
 — Kathryn Hamm, President of GayWeddings.com and co-author of Capturing Love (Ten Speed Press)

"As first-time authors, we had a lot to learn about publishing. Julie helped guide us and shape our book into so much more. She was an absolute pleasure to work with." 
 — Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, bloggers and authors of A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book (Amphoto Books) and A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home (Potter Style)

“Julie was my editor for my last four books that were published by Amphoto. She knows exactly how much rope to give us ‘creative types’—just enough to allow our creativity to shine through, but not enough so that we hang ourselves! I couldn't have been happier with her demeanor and great input. More often than not, my own clouds of doubt would lift following a simple 10-minute discussion. Lucky are the people who have been able to work with Julie, and luckier still are those who get to work with her in the future!”
— Bryan Peterson, photographer and author of Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition (Amphoto Books)

“Having worked with Julie on two different publications for Random House, I couldn't endorse her more highly on her skills and character. Her shoot-straight demeanor, brilliant intellect, and a delightful presence all combine to a complete package—professionally and personally. Highly recommended.”
 — Dane Sanders, creative professional and author of Fast Track Photographer (Amphoto Books)

“Julie is a wonderful editor. She is kind and thoughtful, and pays great attention to detail. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.”
 — Elizabeth Messina, photographer and author of The Luminous Portrait (Amphoto Books)

"Julie's openness, helpfulness, and enthusiasm made our book project a fantastic experience!"
 — Sarah Wilkerson, CEO, Clickin Moms